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Talc Paint Grade

Our talc is idle for paint and coating due to its excellence. The advantages are, the macrocrystalline structure and their consistent chemical composition. The particle structure is a property of the our raw material. Using specialized equipment for milling and air classification, we can control the particle size distribution.

In this industry, foliated, fibrous or lamellar talc of fine mesh (300 mesh) is preferred. It is used as a paint or an extender in paint industry. Colour, particle size and oil absorption are the main criteria for selecting talc for paint manufacture. Talc suitability for paint should have volatile matter below 0.75%, oil absorption within 5 of the approved sample and solubility not more than 0.25% in water. Asbestine is the trade name given to fibrous talc suitable for paint making. It improves fluidity and coverage properties of paint, imparts corrosion, acid, thermal, air resistance to them, increase smoothness and stability of paint products.

Our Paint Grade Talc Specializes in the following properties

  • Wet scrub resistance
  • Strengthens paint film
  • Weatherproofing
  • Can be used to influence visual properties of the paint film
  • Can be used to influence adhesion properties of the paint
  • Increases pseudoplasticity -> Easy to apply
  • Lesser requirement of solvent for the pigment (Low oil abs talc and low surface area talc needed here)
  • Carrier for anti-corrosive primers and topcoats

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