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Talc Paper Grade

Although our talc comes in variants of brightness and whiteness, we produce the best and supreme product idles for the pulp preparation in Paper industry. We can customize the packing size of the material as per the requirement and can produce any given bulk quantity at any time.

Pulverized material of 200-300 BSS sieve is required as filler. It should be free from gritty material. It should have low CaCO3 content, not exceeding 4%; also FeO should not be more than 2%.

Our Paper Grade Talc Specializes in the following properties

  • Max ink transfer, min mottle, missing dots, smearing (improved opacity of printing) (due to high compressibility)
  • Keeps optical brighteners on surface for max effect
  • Keeps color coatings on surface for max effect
  • Blocks water vapor transmission -> Enhance sealing effect of barrier coatings
  • Tactile properties (this also improves runnability)
  • Paper strength potential (same strength with higher filler load)
  • Pitch and stickies control
  • Reduces core bursts, crepe wrinkles -> Lesser need for reel changes -> Further reduction in waste
  • Min wear and tear
  • Improves drainage of water, minimizes loss with the drainage (retention), quick drying

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