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Manufacturing / Infrastructure

Our Manufacturing Unit is situated near the City Udaipur in Rajasthan State of India. It is well equipped with the latest technology machineries for pulvorization of different Mesh sizes of Talc. We have an inhouse research & development team who is constantly striving to bring more perfection in the quality of the Talc we produce. The factory is full of resources viz Water, electricity etc and labors working on shifts. We have maintained a state-of-art manufacturing practice and certified with ISO for our manufacturing process. We conduct weekly audits to monitor and control the manufacturing so as to eliminate any problems.

Over the period of decades we have brought several such implementations both in the manufacturing & storage facility that we have in our factory, which has raised the quality of our product upto a significant extent and has brought to us several appreciations by our customers. As a measure for avoiding any contamination of forein particals by the birds or animals we have a sealed pulvorization unit with the shade exhaust covered with nets to avoid pigeons and other birds. We have also equipped our unit nozzle with Magnetic belts to attract the iron particals (AKA black Particals), at several stages of the output. Thus we are capable of producing a very sterile material free from any contamination, Idle for any industry.





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