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Manufacturers of Talc

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Talc (Talcum Powder/Soap Stone Powder) in India. Our product is known in our clientele as "Talc Purified". The Talc we manufacture is available in all the possible varities suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Paint, Paper, Rubber & Cosmetics industry. Talc is a mineral product which is obtained from mining of Ores. We have a Manufacturing capacity that is enough to cater any requirement at any given time.


Pharma Grade

We can supply Micro Bacterial free Talc at the most competitive price extremely suitable for Pharmaceutical (also food industry) Industry. It has been more than 2 decade since we have been supplying to various Multi Nationals in India and other big companies abroad. Our product is registered in various nations and is being appreciated too...Read More

Cosmetic Grade

We have a wide range of Talc with specific Mesh Size / Bulk Density suitable for Dusting powders, Creams, Foundations etc available on customized manufacturing basis, depending upon your requirement. We have been awarded as "The Star Vendor of the Year" by Heinz India for the excellence in our Product Quality and Service after sales.Read More

Paint Grade

Our talc is idle for paint and coating due to its excellence. The advantages are, the macrocrystalline structure and their consistent chemical composition. The particle structure is a property of the our raw material. Using specialized equipment for milling and air classification, we can control the particle size distribution... Read More

Paper Grade

Although our talc comes in variants of brightness and whiteness, we produce the best and supreme product idles for the pulp preparation in Paper industry. We can customize the packing size of the material as per the requirement and can produce any given bulk quantity at any time...Read More

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